What Too Choose.

  swanny2 19:27 09 Oct 05

hi there .
Im after a Navigation System for my Wife for xmas ,its a suprise,Well a big Suprise really,she,s expecting a Car,,HeHe,
Im not too clued up on these so im not sure what too get..
Either a Pocket Pc,and add the Bits on not sure what bits yet ..:O) Or one of theseclick here Or just the nav system on its own.
The thing is if i got the pc i can use it as well ,hehe.but ive got a budget of about £250.With all the upgrades i might need i thought the pc might be better,im not sure tho.
So if any 1 has any ideas 4 me please feel free 2 let me know.
Swanny .. :O)

  Hamish 19:33 09 Oct 05

Look here click here

  swanny2 20:33 09 Oct 05

ye seen them mate thanks.again im going too need a cradle for it an thats £40.total £240 maybe some more bits needed im not sure.
Swanny . :O)

  swanny2 20:40 09 Oct 05

Also i need too know if i do get a pocket pc is how long it would last in the car if ,my Missis went on a journey.things like this i keep thinkin of an makes me really wonder what too get..lol :O)

Swanny . :O)

  bazb 21:49 09 Oct 05

Hi swanny

Have a look at these click here

I use tomtom myself with a pda, I believe all in one units come in at a cheaper price, all you have to look out for is the positioning of the unit.

  swanny2 15:11 10 Oct 05

ta mate . do u mean the positioning of the Pda in ure car.
Theres another expense aintit. :O(.All adds up .

Swanny ..:O)

  swanny2 15:06 11 Oct 05

Ive just seen this.click here and im not sure if i need anything else for it . for my wife too be up an running if i get it.
Any advise will help ty,

cheers .
Swanny. :O)

  bazb 21:32 11 Oct 05

I don't know anything about the Acer n30 and navigation system, but being bluetooth means that the gps unit can be placed in a good position to receive the best satellite signal.

The price looks ok, I can't see why you would need anything else for it as it's a complete kit.

I would ask how old are the maps, and can they be updated, if so, is there a cost involved.

This one looks a better buy click here

Good luck mate.

  swanny2 20:45 12 Oct 05

ta mate its £156 now 40 mins too go . hmm shall i buy it .lol :O)

cheers Swanny.:O)

  swanny2 16:22 14 Oct 05

agh well went for a bit more lol . not sure what too get now :O(

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