What PC to run Solidworks?

  andy625 09:56 23 Jan 07

I am interested in purchasing a pc which is capable of running a 3D CAD program called Solidworks. I currently use Solidworks at work and am looking for a machine to use at home.

I am on a very tight budget and need the machine with the minimum spec required to run this program, eg. I do not need a big screen.

Ideally I would like a laptop, however I am not sure if there is one available with the necessary spec of graphics card, and in any case I appreciate that this will be a more expensive option. I have been advised that a graphics card with 256Mb of memory is a good idea.

The minimum requirements listed by the Solidworks company are shown here:

click here

Can anyone give me details of specific machines that would meet my requirements? Or is anyone using a machine that they would recommend?

Thanks in advance.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:31 23 Jan 07
  andy625 13:48 23 Jan 07

Thanks for the link Gandalf, I'm trying to find one on a budget though. I was hoping someone may have done something similar, recently.

I don't need a big hard drive, sound card, dvd writer etc. Just the bare minimum. Sounds like teh 256mb graphics and 2Gb memory are the important bits.

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