What PC remote control set-up should I buy?

  ross_mcculloch 16:08 02 Jan 08

I'm getting a new PC soon and I'd love a remote control for movies and music, it will prob be a vista premium OS and I won't be connecting my PC to a TV all my viewing will be on my TFT monitor.

Can anyone recommend a good remote control and what should I be looking for when I buy one?

PS: I use VLC for videos and windows media player for music.

  tullie 16:16 02 Jan 08

Apologise for this question,but why do you need a remote when you are just two or three feet away?

  ross_mcculloch 16:36 02 Jan 08

I've got a decent sized tft and sit on the couch to watch movies and listen to music so a remote would be great.

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