What Notebook?

  SteevScotland 19:12 21 Nov 03

I will be in the market for a cheap notebook around christmas. But I have no idea what to look for. I can spend £1000 max and preferably a lot less. I liked the look of the best buy budget notenook in the jan issue of the magazine ( click here ) but cant find it on the toshiba website.
Any suggestions?

Cheers S

  StephShadow 19:25 21 Nov 03

what will you use it for? Will you use it mainly on the move, or in one location, do you want a wireless one, does it have to very light, how fast, is it for gaming, watching videos or Office apps? etc etc. John Lewis website does a 'guide to choosing a laptop' which while a bit out of date, covers the basic questions. I found you can get quite a lot of choice for around 1,000 - and spent a week researching the options! I asked on this site "Who makes the best laptops?" and no-one replied. I trust established and recognised brands so I bought a Toshiba and warrantied it up to the max. How long do you want your laptop to last? - is a good question!

  SteevScotland 21:25 21 Nov 03

I plan to use the laptop both on the move and at home. I would like it to be light but it doesn't have to be super light. I probably would be using it mainly for office apps, surfing the net occasional light gaming and maybe watching the odd DVD. Wireless Would certainly be a bonus as i plan to set up a wireless network at home to share my broadband connection between computers.

Cheers S

  SteevScotland 23:20 21 Nov 03

what about

click here

Cheers S

  SteevScotland 23:44 21 Nov 03


click here


click here

Cheers S

  StephShadow 23:45 21 Nov 03

Of course that is the other brand to trust! Looks like a reasonable price too...I bow to the superior knowledge of other PCA forum members - where are they in this thread?

  StephShadow 23:49 21 Nov 03

That's the IBM Thinkpad I meant. Also I was steered away from the Celeron, not robust enough, go for the P4.

  andrew-216448 19:57 22 Nov 03

why not try looking at the multivision notebooks. they have good spec notebooks for less than a thousand quids.

  Sir Radfordin 23:38 22 Nov 03

Weight is the one thing that splits laptops up. You either go for around the 2kg mark or the +3.5kg mark. Believe me you won't want to carry 3.5kg around with you very often.

Unlike desktops, laptop technology is more sophisticated and expensive. There are only a few companies who actually build them - the rest rebadge them.

Names that were included in my last shortlist were Sony, Mesh, Samsung, Evesham, IBM, Dell and Elonex.

If I could afford to I would by Dell time and again. I can't so I choose someone else. Just bought a Samsung X05 so hopefully it'll be up to the job.

Cheapest place I've found so far to laptops is Technoworld - click here They do seem to know their stuff.

  SteevScotland 00:38 23 Nov 03

Well I would prefer the lighter laptops if possable. I would rather have small and light rather than big and powerfull. I have my desktop for that. Having said that it would be good if the laptop lasted me the next 3 years or so. May buy second hand.

Cheers S

  SteevScotland 01:15 27 Nov 03

I know any of these above the MHz version is above my budget but how good are these? The size would be perfect because i would be able to shove it in my bag and take it to uni.

click here

How well would this laptop perform doing the tasks i want? These are internet word processing and the occasional editing of photos using paint shop pro. I also would like to play Mp3 now and again.

Cheers S

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