What is I-Mesh up to?

  cerealis 27 Dec 12

I tried to download some music for which I needed the I-Mesh player. I installed the player but the music didn't download. Having uninstalled the software I now find that I-Mesh have overridden my Google search engine and I can't get it back, despite the fact that Google is the default. Does this happen all the time? Is this something Google are worried about?

  Forum Editor 28 Dec 12

iMesh is a file-sharing service which is notorious for its invasive behaviour. It has obviously hijacked your browser.

this may help with removal

  rdave13 28 Dec 12

You can delete search engines in 'manage search engines' in Google, add more and set one as default. See if you can remove the overriding one.

Some more reading of removal but looks a bit old, but worth having a look. http://www.hmc.edu/cis/doc/how-to/network/sharing/remove_imesh.shtml

  cerealis 28 Dec 12

Thanks, but I have removed all the I-Mesh programs and the browser still defaults to I-Mesh. This also happens with IE. Does it make sense to uninstall both Chrome and IE and download them again? The problem is I will have to download them first, uninstall the originals and then run the new programs without an internet browser. Is this the way to go?

  rdave13 28 Dec 12

If you've followed the advice of also deleting the folders in the program Files directory then try TDSSSKiller.

  woodchip 29 Dec 12

you can change default browser in ie

  cerealis 03 Jan 13

Thanks. I uninstalled IE and Chrome and downloaded them again. Although there was part of the IE program I was not allowed to delete the infection has not spread to the updated version.


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