what the hell are logmein playing at

  robert01 18 Apr 11

Today my mum who is resonably experienced with computers got a call out of the blue from a company called LogMeIn. They said there was something wrong with her computer and they needed to take her through some steps. She told them firmly no.

They phoned back THREE times insisting they were working on behalf of Microsoft and that they had been notified that her computer was badly corrupted and that they were tasked by Microsoft to take her through steps to fix it. She relented and they had her on the phone for an HOUR AND A HALF saying things like 'Go into this file, what icon is there ? Oh really, that is not good at all, ok now type this under run, is there a file called xxx ? There is, ok we have to take steps to get rid of that urgently' and so on...

Eventually they asked her to type in something that 'surprise, surprise' took her to their website with loads of packages to pay for and download. At this point she realised that was their game all along and hung up.

Disgraceful behaviour, what an underhand sales technique confusing and worrying someone that there is something terribly wrong with their computer. They may have some satisfied customers who read this site but you must agree this is not what one should expect from a reputable company. Emails to Watchdog etc are on their way, anyone else experienced this ?

  tullie 18 Apr 11

A fairly common scam

  Forum Editor 18 Apr 11

No company is 'tasked' by Microsoft to call people about corrupted computers, and no company could possibly get hold of your phone number in that way.

These people are operating a scam, pure and simple, and anyone who is called by them should simply replace the receiver without even bothering to speak to them.

  spuds 19 Apr 11

I only hope that your mum hasn't provided any credit or debit card details, like some people have?.

If your mum as the companies full details, then drop Microsoft an email, for their records.

  wiz-king 19 Apr 11

I doubt that they were from LogMein, it is a well known company that sells remote access software and would not cold call. If you have a phone number then they may like to know it as it sounds like a scammer is using their name.

  Ford Prefect 01 19 Apr 11

This does sound like a scam. I use LogMeIn for remote access to my father's computer. Neither of us have ever received an unsolicited call like you describe.

  robert01 21 Apr 11

Yes it is a scam - I found several articles online about it.

Seems they set themselves up abroad so they are difficult to shut down and then pretend to be from a legitimate company such as LogMeIn. There are two sides to it, they somehow get you to load in keylogging software so they can control and corrupt your PC and perhaps steal passwords. They also get you to download software packages for an very high fee and get your credit card details.

Luckily they got nothing this time, but it was an important lesson.


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