What has happened to Spam?

  Teaboy 10 Dec 11

Just recently I have noticed a huge reduction in the number of spam messages I daily receive. I am down from about three hundred a day to just three or four.

This is a terrible shock to my system, I use orange web mail, and rely on receiving spam to keep my web mail active.

Please may I have it all back!

  buteman 10 Dec 11
  spuds 11 Dec 11

Due to the large amount of complaints regarding spam, most ISP's now have spam filters in their system, that are triggered by certain words and meanings. If you check your ISP account, you may find that you can select what to retain or delete.

  BT 11 Dec 11

If all else fails you can get your fix in Tescos


  Forum Editor 11 Dec 11

The FBI does an amazing job as far as the fight against spam is concerned.

Their specialists are second to none when it comes to dealing with organised international spam networks.

  Teaboy 11 Dec 11

Alas! I shall have to send spam messages to myself. I have received just six today.

  Aitchbee 12 Dec 11

The Calendar Shop, in Glasgow, does a nice SPAM calender...it's not cheap though...Ten Quid ;o(

  interzone55 13 Dec 11

Most ISPs now have fairly sophisticated spam filters in place, filtering by words and known spam origins.

Many ISPs have now outsourced email management to Google, who have superb spam filtering, I almost never get spam in my inbox, and equally almost never have to move a genuine email out of the junk mail folder, which catches on average 70 messages a day, these are deleted after 7 days.

Well I say deleted, I'm not sure they go after leaving the junk mail folder, but they're not actually deleted. I once opened my junk folder to find a couple of hundred thousand emails in there, dating back 5 years. It seems the google servers had a bit of a fit and redelivered every single spam email...


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