What ever happened to..."Digitalblasphemy.com"

  six-h 14:20 17 Sep 07

A couple of years ago now I think, I followed a link provided by Gandalf, and was mesmerised by the artwork.
Though the site name seems to have survived, I don't seem to be able to find the current residence of that magnificent artwork.
Does anyone know if it's still around?

  mole44 14:48 17 Sep 07

put in google Digitalblasphemy and all will be answered.

  six-h 15:23 17 Sep 07

Feel silly now!
Just been searching my history, and can't find the site that I kept getting.
It was nothing like the "true" site, some kind of hosted page, possibly up for sale!!
Now, whether I type the name into Google, or direct into the Address bar, I get the right result!!

Thanks for "putting me in touch" again!

  al7478 15:37 17 Sep 07

has anyone joined? just wondered whats involved.

  six-h 15:46 17 Sep 07

I haven't, but then I'm just tight!
I just marvel at the work on the site.
At one time, you could preview the "mushrooms", and they would glow more intensely as you rolled your mouse over them!
Don't know if they would still do that if you bought the download, but the preview no longer does.

  mole44 16:22 17 Sep 07

nooo problem six-h,thats what were all here for.to help each other.

  fcmwong 11:24 18 Sep 07

I too love this site. Wallpapers are simply stunning! Anyone know of other similar-styled sites?

  six-h 15:28 18 Sep 07

Never seen one, guess it's unique.

  Tesman 16:06 18 Sep 07

Some good ones (a lot of dross to sift through, though) here:

click here

My particular favourite:

click here

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