What does a DVD/HDD recorder do?

  Nickyj40 13:27 29 Nov 10

Hi, I hope someone can help me.

I want to buy my parents some kind of recorder which will allow them to record TV programs from their TV as they do not have Sky+. They currently get terrestrial TV and Freeview (via a set box).

Would someone be able to advise whether the Panasonic DMR EX773 DVD/HDD recorder would allow them to do this? If not, any recommendations?

Many thanks

  Clapton is God 14:36 29 Nov 10

"Would someone be able to advise whether the Panasonic DMR EX773 DVD/HDD recorder would allow them to do this?"

It will. It will also play DVDs

  961 14:38 29 Nov 10

What this recorder does is basically just the same as a vcr recorder did, except it uses the freeview signal and stores the recordings without the need to insert a tape.

The Panny you suggest will do that. Many others will do the same, depending on how much you wish to spend

This web site has reviews of many of the current models

click here

You don't need to buy the dearest. Equally,it's not always best to buy the cheapest. Stick to the well known brands for best reliability and performance. An extra cheap supermarket box with a name you have never heard of is not always the way to go. The best brands are on offer now as retailers want your business

In particular Sony have offers with "vat back" and folk like John Lewis give extended guarantees free

Read the reviews via google, Amazon etc. Some are easier to operate than others

  interzone55 15:00 29 Nov 10

I've got a Panasonic freeview DVD/HDD recorder and it's brilliant.

One point to add though is that many recorders now have the Freeview+ facility built in which emulates many of the features of Sky+, like pausing live broadcasts & series recording.

Some recorders will also act as Freeveiw HD boxes hif they have an HD TV

  The Kestrel 17:30 29 Nov 10

I have had this Humax HDD recorder for over two years and it is excellent click here.

  The Kestrel 17:34 29 Nov 10

Here are some reviews on the Humax click here. The cost of this machine is now around £150.

  john bunyan 17:46 29 Nov 10

You pay a bit more for the Panasonic, but in my view it is worth it as you can not only record Freeview on the HD, but also copy things you want to keep to DVD. Also you can watch DVD's and even do some editing of stored programmes (eg delete adverts). Also you could use it to convert VCR tapes to DVD. For these reasons it does more than a PVR such as the otherwise excellent Humax.

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