What do you think of this laptop for £300?

  tammer 14:09 19 Jan 08

I'm looking at buying a cheap laptop for word processing, email, internet and listening to music.

I saw this on Morgan Computers for £300:

click here

The only worries I have are:

1. whether the processor is good enough and will not be obsolete soon; and
2. whether Vista Home Basic is adequate.

I've been comparing the above model to this model:

click here

The samsung is only £70 more but has a dual core processor, vista home premium but less RAM (but more RAM can be added).

I'm not much of a techie so I don't actually know if the dual core processor is any better so I'd be grateful for any advice you may have.

Thanks in advance.

  aine 14:26 19 Jan 08

I personally would go for the Samsung, the only complaint I can see the hard drive is very small considering that vista will take out a fair amount of it. Duel core is better for speed, it can be set to use both processors together. To achieve best performance you would need at least 2GB of ram

  Totally-braindead 15:34 19 Jan 08

Of the two the Samsung would get my vote as its a far superior processor but the memory would definatly need upgraded (as you seem to realise).
And the Gateway is a rework and is not new so I wouldn't spend this sort of money on it.
At least the Samsung is new.

  lisa02 17:11 19 Jan 08

I agree with Totlly Braindead

  lisa02 17:11 19 Jan 08

oops the A on my keyboard is faulty.

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