what is best pdf to word converter

  logoff 19 Feb 13

Hi I have windows 7 64 bit system and use Word 2007 at home and 2010 at work. Looking for something that can convert pdf files -doesn't have to be free but should be capable of preserving format of documents many of which contain tables, in particular, sometimes quite a few in the same document. Grateful for any suggestsions

  Nontek 19 Feb 13

PDF Converter Pro 7. Not cheap though.

latest is now V8

  logoff 19 Feb 13

Thanks Nontek-that looks promising although reviews look a bit mixed?!

  Nontek 19 Feb 13

I use it myself, works fine for me.

  spuds 20 Feb 13

Not saying that its the answer, but a look at http://www.majorgeeks.com under pdf converter might have a few ideas?.

On the eBay website under Argos Outlet, there was some Nuance products at reduced prices the other week, that might fit the bill.

Again perhaps not the answer, but Serif have PagePlus with latest version PagePlus X6 with pdf converter. This is advertised at £81.69, but on occasions on special 'selected' offer for £29.99.

  alanrwood 20 Feb 13

CutePDF is free and works well. It creates a quasi printer and you just print your Word doc to it and it produces a pdf file.

  logoff 20 Feb 13

Thanks a lot for all the suggestions. I will try a couple and see how I get on. (although may only purchase one!)

  logoff 21 Feb 13

Thanks again. Found the only one that seems to preserve the formatting well is the pdf converter pro 7 that Nontek mentioned above. The others are generally fine with text but struggle to maintain more complex table and other formatting in the conversion process

  WheatleyPDF 13 Mar 13

In fact, as long as you have a research, you can find large pdf to word conversion, as a better one, i recommed this image conversion program to you, i'va been using it for nearly one year, it is stable and robust.


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