What are my rights ?

  g0nvs 17:04 04 Oct 05

In February this year I bought a Galaxy Geforce 6600GT graphics card from click here
Now the fan on the card is very noisy. On returning the card to Web Systems, I have been quoted anyting up to four weeks before the card can be replaced under warranty. Seems a bit long winded to me. Any views?

  Knikerbeine 17:47 04 Oct 05

They are probably going to try for a replacement from the manufacture so they don't have to fork out themselves.

  Rayuk 18:30 04 Oct 05

Well according to their T & C any returned goods under warranty will be checked for faults and if found to be faulty a replacement will be despatched to you.
Have you quoted that to them?

  g0nvs 18:43 04 Oct 05

"Once your product is more than 28 days old from date of purchase, we will test the product and if found to be faulty it will be sent to the supplier for a like for like replacement or equivalent ( as long as the item is still within the manufactures warranty). PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 28 DAYS from date of return.
Web-Systems wording not mine.

  961 09:26 05 Oct 05

They are dependent on the manufacturer's time scale and you can't say they are failing in their obligation under the warranty

  Rayuk 14:59 05 Oct 05

Cannot see that in their T & C

Notice they no longer sell Galaxy cards,also a quick look at Galaxy website is short on any warranty information.

Stating up to 4 weeks is just to cover themselves if they have any problems with Galaxy I suppose,hopefully you will get it back before the time is up.

  g0nvs 17:04 05 Oct 05

But I thought my contract was with the seller not the manufacturer.

Rayuk. Terms and conditions are printed on the back of the receipt.

Refused their offer to "test" the card for a fault (2 days) to test & then up to 4 weeks for replacement. Will try and lubricate the bearings myself & if that fails will buy another card, NOT from Web-Systems. They have lost a customer.

  Arnie 18:29 05 Oct 05

If the card is working in all other respects, is it possible for you to check the spec of the fan and replace with another one?
Maplin stock a good range from 40mm upwards.

click here

It seems a bit drastic to buy another card!

  g0nvs 18:53 05 Oct 05

Many thanks, never thought of that. Have managed to oil the bearings and all seems quiet now. Will try the "Maplins" approach if the noise returns.

  Rayuk 19:13 05 Oct 05

Good idea show T & C on website then give different ones when you hve bought something.No matter

Another solution fit an Artic Cooler [will then also have a quieter card]
for example may be best to look around for best prices
click here

  g0nvs 20:51 05 Oct 05

Thanks for info. Now have plenty of idea's to sort this card out without buying a new one.
Again thank you to everyone who took the trouble to respond.

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