What are the on-going Costs of owning a Tablet

  wee eddie 10 May 12

The cost of Buying one and which one to Buy are a different question, for later.

I have BT Broadband and one of their fancy wireless Routers.

What else would I need and what are the likely running costs

  Forum Editor 11 May 12

The important thing to remember is that a tablet is a computer - it will do whatever your current machine can do, although it may use different software applications to do it.

So... ongoing costs.

First off, buy a case for your tablet. My iPad has a fancy leather one, because it travels with me more or less wherever I go, and I wanted something that looked nice, and would withstand being handled a lot.

Other than that, your ongoing costs will be limited to the amount of software you decide to buy. If you decide on an iPad you'll be able to get more or less everything you want at little or no cost.

What else? Nothing really - just enjoy mobile computing in an easy to carry format.

  wee eddie 11 May 12

Assuming you use it outside your home base.

Are there not cards to buy (SIM Cards or suchlike) and charges for access to wireless content to be paid?

  wee eddie 11 May 12

sorry, by Wireless content, I meant "The Net"

  rickf 11 May 12

you connect it to your mobile at no cost as all for net access if you have all you can eat data or to a hotspot wirelessly if there is one.

  rickf 11 May 12

Most apps are free. Buy a good one like the Asus Transformer prime. One of the best apps is Sandisk Memory Zone and it too is free. Don't know about Ipads as I don't use Apple products.

  rickf 11 May 12

Forgot to to say that the Prime is quad core, ie the latest from Asus. I have got the Transformer 101, a dual core and have been very happy with it. Hope that helps.

  interzone55 11 May 12

If you want to use the tablet on the move then you may need a sim & 3G contract, but you mentioned BT Broadband at home - does this not give you access to wi-fi hospots nationwide?

I use The Cloud when I'm out & about, free signup and free wifi in pretty much every Wetherspoons, McDonalds & Costa

  Forum Editor 11 May 12

On the subject of internet access, your tablet should have a slot for a micro-SIM from your mobile phone provider. I recommend that you get one of these, it will cost a few pounds a month, and will provide you with internet access pretty well everywhere you go.

My iPad connects all over the country and abroad. You didn't ask for tablet recommendations, so I'm not going to bang on and on about the iPad, other than to say that it outsells all other tablets by miles, and when you use one you realise why.

  Forum Editor 11 May 12

"you mentioned BT Broadband at home - does this not give you access to wi-fi hospots nationwide?"

Indeed it does - free of any additional charges.

  morddwyd 11 May 12

"Indeed it does - free of any additional charges."

If you can find them!

I've never come across one yet.

Yes, I know you can log on and find them, but the idea is not to have to go looking for them!


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