what ar the shuttle case computers like?

  noclue 02:09 10 Jan 03
  noclue 02:09 10 Jan 03

I have seen these e-machine shuttle case computers on the Evesham website and at Special Reserve. I do not know much about them. What is the difference between them and normal PC's. They are a lot smaller so something must be missing lol.

  Edezine 12:04 11 Jan 03

Shuttle computers are exactly the same as larger desktop PC's but in a smaller case, they have mostly everthing built in to the little box - Although they look good, the only downside is you only get one 5.25" drive bay so you can only have one CD/CDRW/DVD/DVR/CDRWDVD Combi device but you can always add an external USB device should you require more. These systems are ideal if you have a lack of space or like me, when coupled with a smart TFT monitor want a good looking PC in the living room

heat is a problem with processors running XP games etc I have not found where space available is in these shuttle boxes for extra fans

  siarad 12:35 11 Jan 03

Toms hardware did a construction & test of this

  siarad 12:45 11 Jan 03

Toms article at click here

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