What 7" tablet?

  NeOsage 21 Mar 13

I'm in the market for a 7" tablet, but I have no clue about tablets and all that jellybean, ice-cream sandwich and android are meaningless to me. I just want to browse the internet via wifi, send/receive emails, stream movies from Sky Go, listen/watch music and play a few simple games. For that reason I figure 1GB RAM and 16GB storage should be plenty for my needs. I'm not prepared to pay extra for 3/4G, I just wouldn't get my money's worth.

What really confuses me is that there are literally hundreds of brands and models out there with that spec, but how come a high end tablet in this range like the ipad mini, nexus or galaxy are £200, £300 or even more, when the Blackberry Playbook has 1GB RAM and 64GB storage and can be picked up brand new for £129?

Why isn't everyone just using the Playbook? Bang for buck you just appear to get more bang, for way less buck. Is it something to do with the operating system? Or another reason?

Any insight/opinions v.much welcome.

  tigertop2 21 Mar 13

Frankly you don't need to pay more than £70- 80 for an everyday tablet to meet your needs. I have bought 2 for that price and both are excellent. Used them home and abroad and no need to lash out for anything else Mine are Sumvision but there are others equally efficient

  mole1944 22 Mar 13

I just got myself a Samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 screen, i can't fault it 16gb and an expansion slot for micro sd cards (I put an 32gb card in), i'm with Virgin and it pairs perfectly with the wireless router , i also have a western digital NAS drive hooked up to the router and I use it to get my files anywhere I have internet access ,i also got the kindle app and have books on the device.

  Batch 26 Mar 13

Nexus 7 was reckoned to be best (value) 2 or 3 months ago (things may have changed since). Based on overall quality of build, speed, quality of screen (e.g. scratch resistance, sensitivity) and general smoothness of operation / usability. iPad Mini is reckoned to be better (in some respects), but costs more and is not as "open" (being from Apple).

Don't underestimate how much storage you might need. I've got around 12GB of music tracks on my 32GB Nexus.

BTW, not all models accept add-in storage such as microSD (the Nexus being an example of this). With such models, what you buy on day one is all you can have.


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