Well Done Novatech/Parcelforce - or is it a sign of the times?

  SparkyJack 18 Aug 11

With a rush of blood to the head I decided my 5 year old system needed a transplant of essentials.

So Monday evening[15th] attempted to order on line the parts needed, but ran into difficulty because the transaction would not complete.

Tried again Tuesday morning still the same, so resorted to telephone ordering.

'When would you like delivery' asked the salesman 'Oh next week will do' said I' [thinking I ain't in no rush why pay for delivery]

Wednesday morning[17th] Ring at the Door -

Parcel Force with a big box from Novatech- Wow! and inside the invoice with Free delivery listed.

Well done you two.

  spuds 18 Aug 11

I do not know why this is, but it would appear that a number of 'reliable' companies are sending out items for next day delivery at no extra cost to the customer. Amazon, Tesco Outlet, Tool Station are but three companies of many that do this, and who I use on a regular basis.

No doubt, you will get the odd complainer saying the item was delivered, when they had not expected it?.

To me personally, I am all for good customer service. At least it proves that some companies will go that extra mile for their customers, and perhaps not regard their customers as an inconvenience!.

  Terry Brown 19 Aug 11

I think the idea of paying for delivery at a specified date / time, is if you are (e.g.) at work at there is no one at home to sign for it, or for any other reason you will not be at home for normal delivery time, you pay for a special delivery service.

You can also arrange for it to be delivered to your local post office for a sum of £0.50p if it is not suitable for you to wait at home for delivery.



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