Is this website Legit & Safe & How do you use it please

  Audio~~Chip 04 Jul 12

Hello I have started to listen to music online from Radio Stations. One type of my many music tastes in Rock, Goth, Metal. I googled Rock Radio and found this website which states it is a Beta website. There is a Legit Rock Radio but this is the one I found and there doesnt even seem to be any DJ's associated with the music.

The only way I can seem to get access to it is by clicking on the Genere and it askes to download or save a file which i have doubts about.

So simply is this website safe ? & if it is how do you use the website. Any genuine websites for decent Rock Metal welcome

Thank You for reading ! S.

  Audio~~Chip 04 Jul 12

Sorry Forgot to post link to this Website called Rock

Thank You S.

  spuds 04 Jul 12

Having a quick browse via Google, the only thing that I can find in an hurry, is that RockRadio originates from Palo Alto California, and as a 57 follower presence on Twitter.

No protection or security alarms bells sounded on my computer, so I assume the website is okay, but I didn't delve very far by opening links.

  BRYNIT 04 Jul 12

After a quick look at the site I could find nothing wrong.

After downloading the file and viewing the contents I found it to be a small pls file (Play list) which allow the the music to be played from the web site.

Real player, VLC Media player, Itunes player and Quick time will all allow you to play this file/music. Windows Media player will not.


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