Watching Sky+ HD in a second room

  Nickelback1 06:16 03 Jan 15

Currently have Sky+ HD in the lounge but need to watch the same programs / recordings on the kitchen tv. I do not want the cost of the additional Sky multi-room monthly fees so what is the best HD option to use. I have networked cat6 & sky aerial connections but no HDMI networked which is now what I believe I may need. Can I link a HDMI port from lounge TV to patch box Cat6, route via network to kitchen cat6 patch then back to HDMI into kitchen TV to make Sky+ HD work ? Or is there a better simpler cheaper way ?

  spuds 09:08 03 Jan 15

Perhaps the answer that you are not seeking, but I have found in the past that any Sky or Virgin engineer working in the area, are only to pleased to provide free advice on issues like this, and it doesn't necessarily mean using their companies equipment for an extra charge.

Last year, another member on this forum asked a similar question, and I responded after seeking the advice from an engineer. Forgot what the answer was, but it must be in the PCA archives somewhere.

Sorry to be more helpful, than the way I have responded.

  spuds 10:20 03 Jan 15


"No Sky Engineer is going to advise you"

I'll stick by what I have said. I have found Virgin, BT, Quinns (BT contractors) and Sky very helpful when approached for advice or information.

Whether its for their companies best interest, then I would not know?.

Your advice though sounds reasonably well, and the O/P should perhaps take note, for resolving their issues.

  Forum Editor 10:59 03 Jan 15

I agree with ßeta - SKY engineers are unlikely to help with this, partly because they are trained to recommend SKY services, and partly because they probably wouldn't have much idea about HD over Cat 5/6.

  spuds 11:48 03 Jan 15

I agree with ßeta - SKY engineers are unlikely to help with this, partly because they are trained to recommend SKY services,

That might be your opinion or the case, if the engineer is employed and 'trained' directly by Sky. I really would not know Sky's employment policy.

But Sky use sub-contractor's like other service provider's (Quinns for BT as an example). We have a local installer, who is 'approved' to do Sky work, who is more than willing to offer help and advice, on all sorts of issues regarding television, cctv installations etc on a private or commercial basis.

In general, I have found most people or service people approachable if requesting advice or information in the correct manner. Never once have I been refused,because their company does not permit it. If they do not have the experience or are not sure, then again, I usually find that they will inform you of this in a friendly manner.

  rdave13 12:41 03 Jan 15

Quite a lengthy thread about it here.

  spuds 13:03 03 Jan 15

rdave13 - A very interesting read and article on the issue raised.

That might have been already posted, when another member approached a similar subject, and about my earlier comment of it or something else being in the PCA archives.

  Nickelback1 16:37 03 Jan 15

OK, I only have one cat6 point near my lounge Sky+ HD box, therefore a 2 cable extender solution will not be viable, it has to one cable which must run through a Netgear Gigabyte unmanaged switch as I also have Panasonic TV apps & Sonos using the same link. Any ideas ?

  Nickelback1 17:43 03 Jan 15

HD Wireless solutions - which one ?

  rdave13 22:41 03 Jan 15

ßeta 's link is cheap to others I searched for. Fraught with problems I would imagine, even with more expensive models. Doubt if they can keep up with full HD, though, even at 5GHz band. 720p I would expect.

  Nickelback1 13:03 04 Jan 15


If it really works & is reliable, then it's worth getting to solve the issue for us. Any experience with this type of technology, any way of checking if it will work ? Is there a better one ?

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