A warning for anyone using BT.

  ams4127 16 Jan 12

I received an email on Friday purporting to come from BT. The reason it caught my eye was that it had been addressed to "Dear Customer" instead of my name. It informed me that my bank had declined a payment due to lack of funds and asked me to update my bank details.

I have phoned BT and told them. They were unaware of the scam and have said they will warn people about it.

So, be on your guard!

  tigertop2 16 Jan 12

There are a number of fraudsters misusing the BT name right now and with fairly convincing web pages. I recently reported a similar one to BT who were pretty much on the ball at assessing it and getting it removed. As fast as one is removed another pops up--maybe a sign of hard times for the criminals

  interzone55 16 Jan 12

Got one today purporting to be from Talk Talk, it was very convincing, even using a Talk Talk employee's email address.

I sent it to Talk Talk's abuse team, and reported it to Google (I have a gmail account)

I think the usual rule applies, you will never get an email from any reputable company asking you to update details like this, so never ever click on a link in this kind of email.

One tip though, in case you are inclined to click the link anyway, hover your mouse over the link and your software or webmail page should reveal the link address, if it's anything other than www.bt.com or www.talktalk.net etc then delete the email straight away...

  frybluff 18 Jan 12

At least BT seem to actually be doing something. I've lost count of the number of these I've reported (as sites ask you to do), and yet, virtually never even get an acknowledgement, let alone "Yes that was fraudulent, don't worry they're talking rubbish. We're not about to ...."


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