Wannadoo BB, how long did it take to get your kit?

  pj123 14:47 25 Jun 04

Two of the people I teach decided to go BB. One on AOL received their kit from AOL within 3 days and has now installed it. The other on Freeserve is still waiting after 14 days. He has sent 3 emails asking when it is going to arrive but all he gets is an automated email back referring him to an FAQ website, which doesn't answer the question anyway. Anyone else on Wannadoo BB? How long did you wait please?

  pj123 15:21 25 Jun 04

Sorry, think this is in the wrong Forum. Will close this and repost in the Helproom.

  davidg_richmond 22:13 28 Jun 04

Got my kit within 6 days from Wanadoo, four days before the service was activated.

The alternative is to pop into Dixons, PC World, Currys or Argos and pay the first two months up front and get your kit there and then. Any stock issues can be found out immediately.

  ened 07:14 29 Jun 04

I registered on the Sunday, received the kit on the Thursday, installed it on the Friday and was live immediately.
Full Marks to Freeserve.

  gabby 19:43 29 Jun 04

Waited 8 weeks for my modem, phoned up several times, kept getting different excuses.

  hugo8 09:12 30 Jun 04

I signed up for Wanadoo BB (to upgrade from their Anytime pack) on the 28th April and now over 2 months later and countless expensive phone calls to their customer services, I still havn't got the modem pack nor the active line.
All I get from them is empty promises, they can't or won't supply me with the service I registered for.

  Danoh 01:29 05 Jul 04

Registration online on a Monday, postman delivered the modem pack on Thursday, setup on Saturday and discovered line activated on Sunday afternoon.

  ened 06:34 05 Jul 04

I take it it is available in your area??

  rogkat 21:52 09 Jul 04

Took 6 weeks and again various excuses received modem 18th June followed 3 weeks later by another one, am keeping this just to see what they will do.

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