Wanadoo Serviceless Wireless

  Version 1 23:34 08 Nov 04

I advise anyone considering Wanadoo - DON'T it is not worth your sanity, certainly not befrore Xmas. I have soent hours and hours on their phone lines and "look forward"? to the same again IF I CAN GET THROUGH !!!

After more than 6 weeks, five long calls from me and four broken promises fom them..... on the latest call I am told a further two weeks wait would ensue before delivery. I send them an email telling them to get their act together before I relate my "experience" to others and I finally received my "livebox" today. Hooray!

I follow their guide and can't connect so I ring the 24 hr helpline. After 40 minutes still holding on the new helpline option a dedicated "livebox helpline" I decide to have my dinner and ring back later on their "24hr" helpline. I ring back at 10.30pm to hear a short message telling me its open 8am to 10pm and then it disconnects me.

I have spent more time on calls to their helpline than using my connection!

  schlingel1 09:53 09 Nov 04

I ordered my livebox via wanadoo helpline & it arrived in 3 days as I already had 512k BB unmetered, I did not request a BB connection. I was up & running within 5 minutes. A week last friday my wireless adapter would not connect to the livebox. Phoned the "helpdesk" & went through the usual checks with no joy, so they said they would send a new adapter...... I'm still waiting.
Luckily for me I did a search!... and found that the Adapter is a rebadged Draytek adapter & the drivers can be found here click here
Download them & unzip them, then put the adapter into a USB, go to Device Manager/Network/Preferences/Update the drivers from the unzipped files..... then power up the livebox. It will connect to the adapter straight away.

  Version 1 14:36 13 Nov 04

Many many thanks for the advice.

However I've twigged as to what it was. The password I gave them to setup my account was different to the one they had setup. No I am not in denial and it was not mentioned in any setup error meassages.

I was told I had to use a mix of lower and upercase letters and numbers which I thought we had agreed on the sign up. On checking with them this week it was all lowercase. Please bear in mind I look after my works office network and PREACH to everyone about the need for good passwords.

Having said all that service is now up and runing well.

Just one question I can't seem to clear with wanadoo do I need a hardware firewall and where do I put in the chain of connection between telephone line and PC?

Kind Regards

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