Vofafone Mobile Broadband - too good to be true.

  nickhick 10:28 24 Dec 10

I bought a PAYG dongle from them about 5 weeks ago. This gave 3GB of data expiring after 30 days.The cost of the dongle was £29 and included that data. To top up would cost £15 for another 3GB of data.
I have to say I was quite pleased with the service and speeds (compared with my dial-up, anyway)
However, last week, we PAYG customers were informed that, as from Feb. 1st 2011 our data is being cut from 3GB to 2GB and yet the price remains the same £15. It was said that this was being done as they maintained that 90% of their customers never used more than 2GB!
It seems that these large mobile phone providers can do as they like with their customers, however we can just as easily take our business elsewhere thank goodness and we're not under contract.

  wiz-king 11:09 24 Dec 10

It is usually to 'improve' the service!

  OTT_B 11:14 24 Dec 10

It does make me wonder. If 90% of customers never use more than 2GB, why would they need to cut the limit for those people?

  spuds 11:36 24 Dec 10

Its about time that the duly selected 'Watchdogs' did the task that they should do, and provide a more strict and competent service for the public.

We have all this regular mailings etc about improved services, yet in all intents, the only improvements is for the bank balance of the companies involved.

At the beginning of this month I had a letter from TalkTalk about improvements, and at the same time I was informed that because I have an arrangement to pay by credit card, I will now need to pay an extra 99p per month for this privilege, as from the third quarter of this month.

The other day, I had another letter from the same TalkTalk person and department, telling me about the previous improvements, and that from the beginning of next month, they are going to charge me £1.99 per month for using a credit card for payment collection purposes. It isn't the £1.00 per month extra that annoying, its the inconsistency of the service and information that gets to me, and nobody seems to be in control of this.

Plus in the New Year, vat will be increased as an extra to bills and services.

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