Vista dvd from Microsoft

  keja 17:46 08 Jul 06

Has anyone here ordered AND RECEIVED the dvd?

I ordered my copy on 8th June (received confirmation e-mail) and it was charged to my c/card on 26th June.

On Wednesday (5th July) I e-mailed them but have only had a "we'll answer when we get round to it" reply.

  Daibus 17:51 08 Jul 06

Same here - orderd confirmed from Microsoft and and funds were taken about 2 weeks ago but no no show of the DVD as yet.

  flyboy 18:21 08 Jul 06

Same here. Paid but no sign of dvd.

  keja 00:20 09 Jul 06

Interesting - I thought it might be just my post not being delivered.

Anyone know if there's any way to contact them ( other than e-mail?

  Forum Editor 01:13 09 Jul 06

Microsoft were inundated with requests for these DVDs, and I should think they're sending them as fast as they can.

  spuds 09:52 09 Jul 06

Wasn't there a mention of 4 to 6 week delivery on the initial order form!.

  phil46 14:16 09 Jul 06

Paid for never recieved.

  phoenix198 14:35 09 Jul 06

£12.90 charged to my credit card on 20 Jun, not yet received the DVD.

Just as well that I downloaded the iso!

  powerless 15:14 09 Jul 06

There is no way to track the order right?

  pjwheeldon 00:28 10 Jul 06

Ordered mine 11.06.2006 and it arrived 8.07.2006. Did say on the order to allow 28 days for delivery, so they are pushing them out in a reasonable time.

Hope this helps

  keja 11:39 10 Jul 06

I got a copy of the download from a friend while I was waiting, and have already discovered that it doesn't work on my laptop (acpi problem) - but just wanted to double-check with the official dvd.

As a general observation, if I order something on-line and it doesn't arrive in the stated time (in this case "up to 28 days") and the company doesn't respond fully to my e-mail (I waited until the 28th day) I start feeling a little twitchy... and my post is unreliable at times.

While I was typing this I heard the postman approaching and rushed to the door -
it's here, postmarked 3rd July from Germany.

Hope everyone's copy arrives and they like it.

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