Virus protection

  123joey123 15:20 26 Feb 09

I have just downloaded the free version of AVG virus protection. On the face of it it looks excellent. Anyone had any experience?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:22 26 Feb 09

It's great, use dit for 5 years, set it and forget it.


  spuds 17:28 26 Feb 09

I think that you will find quite a lot of members use AVG.

On a number of computers, I use AVG and Avast (not on the same machines) free versions, and have done so for quite a few years.Both products very good, and both do their jobs with ease.

  DieSse 17:58 26 Feb 09

Yes - I've had the experience of cleaning rootkits, trojans and other malware off systems "protected" by the fully up to date AVG free version.

I now recommend Avast which has more anti-virus protection features in the free version.

  123joey123 12:04 27 Feb 09


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