virgin tivo box

  mobileman1953 21:34 PM 08 Oct 11

hi all anyone upgraded to virginmedia tivo box, if so do you find it better or worse than virgin + hd box, i am upgrading on tues so any feedback welcome

  Aitchbee 21:43 PM 08 Oct 11

mobileman1953 - I had a look at a friend's uptodate virginbox which displayed 'youtube' on the big screen and I was impressed by some of the content, but other video 'stuff' was poor quality.

  birdface 22:03 PM 08 Oct 11


Sorry just a general question about the Tivo box.

Do you have to upgrade the package you are already getting to get it or like it say's on the letter we received free for all new and old customers.

  Strawballs 22:19 PM 08 Oct 11

I had it fitted last Wednesday overall it is better but there are a few places where the V+ box is better the Tivo box does not set reminders or the information button does not work from the guide.

As I said overall I am very impressed by the way it learns what you watch and makes suggestions for other similar programs.

  Forum Editor 23:41 PM 08 Oct 11

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  mobileman1953 08:23 AM 09 Oct 11

buteman new or old customers can have it but all pay£ 49.99 installation

  birdface 11:29 AM 09 Oct 11


I was interested in the Free bit but not the £49.99 bit so will give it a miss.

Thanks for the info.


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