virgin media looking after new customers

  beb 22:13 11 Feb 07

ive been a telewest/blueyonder customer for about 10 years , and what do the old customers get out of virgin ...NOTHING !!! ive got cable tv , phone line and broadband , the cable tv package ive got now is free to all new customers ( providing they take out any phone line package ) and joe soap here still has to pay for cable tv , it stinks , the only thing old customers get is free insallation of product upgrades , ive got it all so i get zero , even the packages eg 3 for £30 is for new customers , people like me and many others have made companys like this and get nothing in return .

  Strawballs 22:19 11 Feb 07

I have been with NTL for years nd I too looked at the new Virgin Media site and like beb I have TV, Phone and BB already and the site says only availiable to exsiting customers if they are upgrading!!!!!!

  spuds 00:00 12 Feb 07

I think this is the general trend nowadays, that new customers get the most benefits. Shop around and move, if the contract allows you to.

Similar thing with vehicle insurance, every two years I change company's, and save a small fortune in doing so. Many years ago, I would never have thought of moving and being disloyal, but then again, product marketing was a whole different ball game then.

  BT 08:24 12 Feb 07

I think NTL was doing this offer before the Virgin 'takeover'.
Its worth phoning them and trying to do a deal. I got my broadband for £9.50 when changing from unlimited Dial up - quite a saving - and it wasn't just a short term offer, I've had it at that price for over a year now.

  tammer 10:25 12 Feb 07

If you are no longer on a promotional deal, then why don't you phone them up and ask them if they can put you on a better deal?

A small bit of effort may get you somewhere.

If they do offer you a deal, please post an apology to them here.

  beb 11:30 12 Feb 07

ive phoned and tryed ( thats why i posted on this fourum ) , as a said i was a telewest customer so really i am a new customer to virgin , but ive still got to pay for my tv while others get it for free , id move as spuds suggested but who is there now ?

  keef66 11:52 12 Feb 07

Threaten to terminate your contract with them and then apply as a new customer?

I have phone and broadband with them atm, so in theory could upgrade to 3 for £30. (But I have a company mobile phone and I don't want cable tv)

  tammer 13:12 12 Feb 07

When my deal expired (cheap BB), I phoned them (Telewest) and they switched me to the 4 for £40 deal after presenting me with a couple of options.

I think you should be able to switch to the 3 for £30 if that's what you want - I'd give it another try if I were you.

  birdface 16:48 13 Feb 07

The free Tv programs you get are just the same as you get with Freeview,If you want extra programs you have to pay for them,If you are not happy with them, phone them up again,Tell them that you think that you are paying to mutch for what you get,Do not be rude to them, it will get you no where,If they do not offer to cut your payments, tell them thay you want to cancell all your packages with them.They will then normally offer some sort of settlement,But if not be prepared to get cut off,After a fortnight sign back on as a new customer and get the benefits that they get,

  birdface 16:59 13 Feb 07

This is off another thread,click here

  Stuartli 17:11 13 Feb 07

I'm a Virgin Mobile customer and the offer was extended to me pre-launch recently via e-mail.

As I'm with TalkTalk I'm not interested.

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