Virgin Media

  ol blueeyes 11:49 03 Nov 09

Those of you who are or just been connected to Virgin Broadband, TV and telephone. Infact anyone who has any Virgin Service. You have just received notfication that your next Bill is available for viewing.
First of all do you understand it in it's entireity ?
Secondly is it what they say it should be when you first signed up with them
My problem is that I have been overcharged for some 6 Months.
Now I've added TV & Telephone to my existing Broadband they have charged £30 installation costs when they said they wouldn't. I'm supposed to get the first 2 months Free.
Because they messed up the Change over regarding my BT Telsephone Number they said they would refund me £22. I think they have done that but I still finish up by paying MORE than I should.

Anyone else with similar problems ?

  Ford Prefect 01 12:06 03 Nov 09

They did something similar to us,when we changed to broadband only, we called them and then followed it up in writing, we ended up with a sizeable refund. This had the effect of giving almost 6 months free.

  ol blueeyes 12:52 03 Nov 09

Ford Prefect 01

Thanks for that will certainly go along those Lines. I obviously have filled out a Complaint Form and awaiting their response.

In view of all the trouble I've had in the past with them I thought it was just me.

Thanks again

  Kevscar1 14:13 03 Nov 09

I don't understand why did you sign up with them for TV & Telephone if they have been overcharging you for 6 months. I would have taken my business including the broadband elsewhere

  ol blueeyes 14:15 03 Nov 09

Because when people make me promises I believe them.(If I make a promise I keep it) but my faith in anybody has now gone. I will not keep Mr Branson in the lifestyle he has become used to any longer.

  Awshum 15:33 05 Nov 09

No problem here and I have changed package several times over the years.

  ol blueeyes 16:35 05 Nov 09


Glad you had no problems even changing Package.
But do you fully understand their Bills ?

  Awshum 19:21 05 Nov 09

Pretty much.

Their package discounts can be a bit confusing but as long as the total at the end equals what you agreed to pay then that's alright.

You always pay for the month in front so when you upgrade your package your 1st bill after the change is always higher, opposite that is when you downgrade the following month's bill will be cheaper.

Scrub that, easy answer is that by the 2nd bill it should be the normal agreed amount.

  ol blueeyes 22:51 05 Nov 09


That's one of the troubles the final amount is never what has been agreed. Well not in my case anyway.

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