Virgin 27/7 gives me a months notice!!!!

  Gizmo2004 17:58 12 Jan 05

Has any one else had this e-mail from Virgin net?

Important information about your 24seven service


In order to continue to provide a competitive 24seven service, we are changing the number currently used to access the service.

Unfortunately, you fall into a small minority of customers who live outside the range of this new number and as such, we regret to say it means that we will no longer be able to provide you with a 24seven service after the 15th of February 2005.

However, if you'd like to stay with us, keep your email address and get a free £10 Virgin Voucher, we would be pleased to offer you our Pay As You Go service:

If you switch to Pay As You Go:
• Only pay for the time you spend online
• Connect to the Internet from 1p a minute
• No Credit or Debit card needed
• Free £10 Virgin Voucher

More information about Pay As You Go
Whether you decide to switch to Pay As You Go or leave altogether, we will give you a full refund for any unused service.

Once again, please accept our apologies, but if you encounter any problems, please contact our support team who will happy to assist.

Many thanks,

  Graham ® 19:49 12 Jan 05

Where are you to be outside the range of the new number? Do they say what the number will be?

  Gizmo2004 21:20 12 Jan 05

No number given, the e-mail I received as is in my first post,

I have now found out that Virgin was taken over by NTHell, and I had a huge problem with them, so maybe, NThell are taking there revenge!!!!

  Stuartli 11:16 13 Jan 05

It might have been because you sneaked in an extra three hours a day use...:-)

  deke 11:20 13 Jan 05


  wee eddie 18:03 13 Jan 05

You've been had!

  ardvarc 18:14 13 Jan 05

Call their accounts department on 0845 650 0130 to sort this out.

  Gizmo2004 19:38 13 Jan 05

I contacted Virgin accounts department, the person I spoke to thought it was a bogus e-mail, but after he checked, he thought it wasn’t, but the manager is going to call me back tomorrow to sort it out "I hope"

I will keep you all posted

  Gizmo2004 14:59 14 Jan 05

Apparently Virgin are migrating all BT customers 0800 to NTL service, since NTL isn’t available they have had to cancel my account, but the BT 0845 number is available (no thanks)

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