Virgin 150 helpline

  BT 08:17 02 Jun 07

I know that this is unusual but I had occasion to call the helpline a number of times this week and actually got to speak to someone almost straight away ( after the usual 'Press 1/2/3' etc). Quite a difference from the 30mins+ wait that we used to get with the old NTL service. At least they have improved that part of the service.
Its a pity that the several different ladies that I spoke to weren't able to solve my PIN number problem with my Voicemail. My final call connected to a male technician who told me to use the last 4 numbers of my phone number as a default and then set a number of my choice. Worked first time!

  BrianW 09:04 02 Jun 07

the few times I've had to contact Virgin via 150 I've had the same positive experience. I suprised one of the support staff when I thanked them for being so much better than NTL - seemed only fair as I used to complain enough to the NTL muppets!

  mymate 09:33 03 Jun 07

I had to call Virgin for my Lobster mobile and every time they have been so nice on the phone.I was so impressed with the service i got from them.

  bigdavey 19:25 07 Nov 09

you guys must be joking. worst "service" i have ever encountered! virgin are useless utterly!

  ol blueeyes 19:34 07 Nov 09


OH! your so right apart from the 1.2.3 1.2.3. 1.2.3. and the Loud music, when you finally speak to someone in out mongolia they don't understand simple questions aand ask the same question over and over again and agin.

  ol blueeyes 19:36 07 Nov 09

I should have added I have just Terminated my TV & Telephone Service with them and going through the operation of finishing their Broadband as like you I think they are utterly useless

  Strawballs 22:26 10 Nov 09

Have been with them since NYNEX days (had Sky and BT Internet for about a year never going to make that mistake again) and the service is best it has ever been.

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