Declanworld 21:55 23 Jun 05

My Viking compact flash card is knackered. I bought it in January on eBay
from davoom who is connected to click here which is now under new
management. I've contacted Viking who want me to send it to California!

Should I bother trying to contact davoom or should I send it to the US? If
I send it to the US, what's the best postal mode?

  jack 12:13 24 Jun 05

Questions- 1. How Knackered?- Explain
2. Viking- Is this the brand name ?.

Viking is the name of the worlds largest office supplies co. ,with a large UK operation- If this is an own brand item from them then perhaps UK branch can help.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:40 24 Jun 05

How big is it? To be honest, prices have dropped a lot (even since January) and you might find it easier to get a new one.

  spuds 13:50 24 Jun 05

Which one is it click here

Depending on the size, possibly not worth the bother.But having said that, the postage isn't going to be too much.

  Declanworld 18:11 24 Jun 05

Knackered: I get 'Memory Card Error' when I sitch the camera on. Also, the card gets ignored in my card reader.

the card is this one: click here

  Smiler 18:51 24 Jun 05

Have you tried getting the camera to format the card and see if that corrects the problem.

Just found this info click here
try contacting them and asking what can be done

  Smiler 18:53 24 Jun 05
  Declanworld 19:23 24 Jun 05

Thanks everyone for your help.

Beats me why they want me to send it to California when they're here! I'll give them a ring.

Re the format: when I do format - it tells me I've got 3.84MB.

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