Viewsonic Customer Care

  realist 10:38 31 May 07

I have always specified Viewconic monitors as I have, in the past, found there customer support to be lightning quick in swapping a dud item.

Having experienced erratic black screens on my Evesham supplied (Mar 06) Viewsonic VX712, and eliminated any software glitches, I got Viewsonic to swap it, which they did within 48hrs.

However, the replacement had another defect(would not default to standby) which meant another swap.

Unbelievably, the second swap monitor had a yet more serious fault (powered up once then failed completely).

Reported back to Viewsonic who expressed dismay but said they would "have to escalate to Head Office" before they can send me another one.

Since then whenever I phone up they say Head Office (in Holland) will call me back - except they never do!

Meanwhile I have a £1,000 Evesham system but no monitor.

Where do I go from here?

Anyone know any names/addresses for Viewsonic?

  Alan H E 12:46 31 May 07

Why don't you contact Evesham & see if they can help.

  HondaMan 12:48 31 May 07

It is, after all, their problem

  realist 18:33 31 May 07

Now why didn't I think of that!
Have now referred to Evesham to sort out.
Many thanks.

  realist 10:38 01 Jun 07

I last night emailed the chairman of Viewsonic.

First thing this morning he acknowleged and said problem would be dealt with.

By 1030hrs I had been offered a brand new replacement which I graciously accepted!

  TomH01 15:27 11 Jun 07

You don't happen to have the e-mail address to the chairman do you? I'm going through a similar problem with Viewsonic customer support at the moment.


  realist 19:12 12 Jun 07

I have emailed you as requested.
Good luck!

  TomH01 23:48 12 Jun 07

Thank you very much for that info.


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