Video mail

  MIKE 19:04 04 Feb 06

I'm thinking of setting up a video cam to use in order to contactrelative inthe U.S.A. abut am clueless as to what I need in order to do this, any helpwill be greatfully received.

  anskyber 19:32 04 Feb 06

Use either, or as well, MSN Messenger and or the free Skype. I use a Logitech Pro 4000 which gives good video but be aware that even the best will have a stuttered look. Still excellent for free to the US though.

  anskyber 19:33 04 Feb 06

Skype click here

  anskyber 19:34 04 Feb 06
  anskyber 19:36 04 Feb 06

eg cameras click here

  anskyber 19:38 04 Feb 06

PS try this again in helpdesk rather than consumer watch.

  MIKE 12:13 05 Feb 06

Thanks anskyber your info is just what I wanted

  Jim Thing 19:27 05 Feb 06 pay for video-link software. For more than a year now, I've had a lengthy, regular Sunday-evening chat with my son and his family in W. Canada. Initially we used MSN but after some annoying video and audio quality problems we tried Logitech VideoCall and ended up paying for it( about £40 per year) largely because of its very nice intuitive user-interface. Recently, however, we thought we'd try MSN once again — because it's free — and we now reckon that it performs better than the Logitech product.

VideoCall's superior user-interface alone isn't worth £40 a year IMO. We both use Logitech QuickCam Zoom webcams by the way. They're cheap and entirely adequate.

I'd also recommend the use of headsets at each end — we had severe feedback-echo problems when we used our loudspeakers.

Hope this helps a bit.


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