Video editing laptop for sub £500?

  boybrown 08:43 12 Aug 07

Hi folks,

I'm needing anyone's advice on whether there is such a thing? I have done plenty of research and shopping around and can find what seems like 'good enough' laptops for sub £500 but all seem to be let down by the graphics capability. I am not into gaming and the most other tasks needs only to be straightwards but I would need a laptop that I could do some basic vidoe editing from a camcorder. I seen a couple but neither seem to be spec'd enough to do the editing side. If i'm chasing rainbows i'd rather know that I don't waste any more time. The main two i'm considering are:

click here

click here

I've got a separate thread running about the build quality of the fujitsu but am still interested in people's opinions about them


  holme 09:30 12 Aug 07

IMHO, a high-spec graphics capability is not particularly important for video editing. We quite happily edit on a 4-year-old laptop with a modest graphics card.

However, this is one of the occasions where the installed RAM really does make a big difference. Digital video files can quickly become sizeable, especially if you're importing from a camcorder and editing/saving to (say) full DVD standards.

So although it's perfectly feasible to edit video on a machine with (say) 500MB RAM, that will almost certainly result in lots of hard disc thrashing and reduced performance, due to the routine need to use virtual RAM.

So assuming the machine will come with Vista, we do recommend you look for something with at least 1GB RAM, or upgrade to same. This will speed things up quite considerably on memory-hungry applications. Video editing is a good example of this. HTH.

  boybrown 10:06 12 Aug 07

Hi there,

thanks everso much for the reply and your reponse makes a lot of sense as well as helping put my mind at ease about things.

boybrown :o)

  Joe R 20:58 12 Aug 07


as holme states, the graphic card is not an important issue in video-editing, with the CPU and memory to the forefront of this type of work.

Have you seen the spec on this laptop?, although you will have to buy a seperate operating system. click here

  Joe R 21:00 12 Aug 07

Sorry, wrong link. click here

  Totally-braindead 00:35 13 Aug 07

I haven't really been involved in this sort of thing but a friend of mine has.

From what he said to me about it you need a reasonable graphics card, not a top end one by any means so a laptop should cope ok with its graphics, a reasonable processor so again a new laptop should be ok BUT you need a lot of memory and this was the biggest thing according to him you need a huge amount of hard drive space. But he was encoding analogue to digital, if you start from a digital video it may not be so bad.

My only suggestion if no one comes up with a better idea is to look at some of the software you wish to use and see what specification it requires to run and see if the laptop will meet that specification. Also take the software recommendation with a pillar of salt, not a pinch of salt a pillar. Make sure you are well above the recommended for everything.

  boybrown 18:42 14 Aug 07

Cheers everyone for the resonses. I've taken the plunge after thinking from your helpful comments. I've gone for the lenovo as it comes with XP which is less graphic and memory intensive and I can buy extra ram fairly cheaply if I need an upgrade.

Thanks again for the suggestions it's helped me decide....finally!

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