using camera as web cam

  merc. 21:07 21 Feb 05

Hi all
Was wondering if is posible to use my Canon S30 digital camera as a web cam or would I need some sort of software or do I have to buy a proper web cam.

Rest of family are starting to get involed in web cams.

Running windows XP


  Totally-braindead 22:33 21 Feb 05

I believe you'd need a program to use it for this, but even if you can use it and the programs available on freeware, which means its free to download (someone else may be able to give you link to this) I think using your camera for this is a bit of overkill. It would in my opinion at least be easier just to buy a webcam, if you need more than one then theres sometimes deals where you get 2 bundled together at a cheaper price great if you want them to webcam some other member of the family, you just send them one of them and keep one for yourself.

  Stuartli 14:21 22 Feb 05

Scan of Bolton (click here) was selling two of the excellent D-Link NetEasy 350 Pro webcams at £34 and a few pennies on its TodayOnly page last week and throwing in a third one free...:-)

I have one of these webcams and it's every bit as good specification and performance wise as those costing twice the price or more.

Here's a review:

click here

D-Link NetEasy website:

click here

  Stuartli 14:25 22 Feb 05

Quite a few digital cameras can be used as webcams - some of the Fuji models, for instance, have the feature.

  jimv7 14:42 22 Feb 05

click here

for a NR 380K Laptop Digital Cameras PC USB Webcam Web Cam W6 £0.99 + postage.

recently bought 1 and the quality is excellent.

  Stuartli 15:08 22 Feb 05

You've not mentioned the £11.99 post and packing cost....:-)

  jimv7 17:25 22 Feb 05

Stuarli, still extremely cheap for the quality...:-)

bought it on the 11th feb, arrived today.

  merc. 20:08 22 Feb 05

Thanks all for replys will have a look at Canon site to see if there is software, if not will proberly get web cam


  Stuartli 13:34 23 Feb 05

There are plenty of freeware webcam motion detection and security related utilities available to download; just key in "webcam security motion detection software" or something similar into Google or Teoma.

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