Use of OEM in self-build. Permissable?

  frybluff 16 Jul 12

I appreciate that OEM is intended for system builders, who are selling the end product, but have heard the arguement "I am buiding a system, and MAY sell it, in the future", but presume that's stretching a point. On many things there's not a large price difference, but for some things, like Windows, there's a huge difference between OEM, and retail, prices.

Are there potential issues/ problems, arising from the use of OEM, or is that the resposibility of the seller? On some sites, if you enqire about OEM, you get a stern warning "OEM products are intended ..."

  Forum Editor 16 Jul 12

A couple of years ago I went into all this with Microsoft in some detail. At the time I managed to elicit the information that, provided a person was using the OEM licence on a brand new, home-built machine there would not be a problem.

As far as I'm concerned that is still the position, so go ahead. If you ever get a knock on the door from a Microsoft lawyer tell him/her to contact me.

  frybluff 16 Jul 12


Thanks for that. On one hand I thought someone is hardly likely to come after "littl'ol me", but then firms like Microsoft can be really "hot" on any copywright, or similar, issues.

  frybluff 16 Jul 12

PS It actually let me do a post, without having to log in, yet again. Is problem solved?

  hssutton 16 Jul 12

I've fitted OEMs on several PCs that I've built for family members. Microsoft have even re-activated an OEM on a different PC when I explained the motherboard on the original had developed a fault

  HondaMan 19 Jul 12

Why not? Several companies will happily sell you OEM software with other components. I recall doing it a few years back, in fact I bought a copy of Windows XP Pro for a new-build I was doing

  D@ve 20 Jul 12

I regularly buy OEM versions of Windows when building PCs for family members / friends. Never had any problems with them.


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