USB printers to WiFi

  gill2 14:47 25 Jan 15

Hi All, I have two Epson printers that are connected to a desktop computer via USB.I am thinking of dispensing with the desktop and using my laptop (Windows 8.1).I am told that there are dongles available that will convert USB printers to wireless printers. I wonder if any of the experts on here have any knowledge of these dongles and if so, how successful are they? Many thanks in advance.Gill

  onthelimit1 09:39 27 Jan 15

Previous thread on this subject here.

  gill2 22:25 27 Jan 15

onthelimit1, Many thanks for your help. Gill

  gill2 22:49 29 Jan 15

Hi Lazarus The 2nd, Thanks for your help. Much appreciated. gill

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