USB in car

  frenchman96 23 Aug 12

Hi There

I have my music saved to a memory stick, and would like to play it in car.

I see on Amazon, they sell adapters to fit in cigaret lighter socket, but most reviews mention it about charging items.

I want to know if the same adapter will play my music

  canarieslover 23 Aug 12

Short answer is no. It will be just a charger and you would need to have your music on an MP3 player to take advantage of any auxiliary input that you car radio may have. There are radios available with usb inputs that would enable you to use your memory stick if you want to change the one that is currently in your car. Just Google 'car radio with usb'.

  Bluejacket 04 Sep 12

Thank you Canarieslover. I am also looking for it too.

  Picklefactory 04 Sep 12

There may be a way round it IF you have a cassette player? It's a bit convoluted though.

Sony (And others I think) do a cassette adapter you pop in your car radio that has a 3.5mm audio jack attached. I use this to connect my phone to my car stereo which works great for both music and sat nav. There is also available on Amazon, among others, a 3.5mm female to USB adapter. I think the USB is male though, so you'd need a gender bender too (USB male to female adapter). I'm not a technical person, so can't guarantee that would work, as USB is essentially a digital connection whilst the 3.5 jack is analogue audio, but the fact that there is a USB to 3.5 female available would imply that it may work.

A bit messy maybe, but none of those items should be very expensive to try. I paid about £9 for my cassette adapter and the other bits shouldn't be more than £2-3 each.

Could be worth a dabble??

  tullie 05 Sep 12

The straight forward answer is,put your music on a cd.

  yonex24562 10 Sep 12

I recently bought a similar item from amazon for just under £5. The one I bought can play from a memory stick, an SD card and uses a cable to connect to the headphone output from an mp3 player etc. It transmits on FM and has lots of different channels it broadcasts on. It also came with a remote but the only downside is whenever it is switched off it doesn't remember the channel it was broadcasting on or the track it was playing but for a fiver what do you expect. The sound quality is not too bad either, it's better than the older fm transmitter it replaced. hope this helps.


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