USB cables.

  curlylad 10:09 19 Jan 04

Just bought a HP PSC 1205 all-in-one and decided not to buy the USB cable with it , the reasons for this being twofold.Firstly I'm sure you must be able to buy a 1.8M USB cable for less than the £11.99 that they were going to charge me.And secondly down to principle , I think it's ridiculous that you have to fork out 12 Quid for a cable after spending £100 in their store .
I'm sure you'd all get rather beligerent toward an assistant if you say purchased a kettle and they told you that the cable was an extra £5 , it's just not on !
So my question is where can I purchase a decent USB cable from (for under £12,lol).
Oh and what are your thoughts on the paying extra for the cable issue , I'd be interested to hear what you guys think.

  961 10:24 19 Jan 04

Try Maplin electronics

click here

Good for all sorts of electronics. Good service too

  andrew-216448 10:30 19 Jan 04

try ebuyer, they have usb cable for less than a quid.

  curlylad 10:39 19 Jan 04

Does any one know which USB cable I need ?
Type A-A , or type A-B I've just looked all through the manual and it doesn't say?

  Jester2K 10:55 19 Jan 04

A-B - flat at one end and square (ish) at the other...

  Forum Editor 11:09 19 Jan 04

has been a thorny problem for a long time. Manufacturers used to justify not supplying cables by saying things like "most people will already have one" but consumers, not being as stupid as manufacturers sometimes think, knew that the real reason was that the printer could sell for less if no cable was included. Having bought the printer we all had to shell out another £10 or whatever for the cable.

It was further complicated in the 1990's when the new IEEE1284 standard was introduced, bringing cables that could handle a bi-directional flow of data. Sussenly our printers could talk back to us, telling us helpful thimngs like 'paper jammed' and 'feed tray empty'. Not all parallel ports could handle this new standard though, and this gave the manufacturers yet another reason for not including a cable.

Now we're locked into the convention, and of course no manufacturer is keen to break ranks and be the first to increase the selling price of its products by including a cable. It would be penalising itself in one of the most competitive markets there is.

  davidg_richmond 11:22 19 Jan 04

The Epson 3200 AIO comes with a usb cable, commendably, and is the same price £99 as the 1205

  davidg_richmond 11:26 19 Jan 04

My own thoughts on this is that printers should come with a cable included even if the manufacturer and retailer has to charge higher anyway.

It's fair enough that, say, a retailer's TV package does not include cables so that the customer can select the desired lengths and quality of cable but with USB this is not a concern.

  Wilham 12:53 19 Jan 04

I've bought two printers in the last 8 months, HP 2210 and Canon i850, and both came with cables. I think FE's comment may apply to the very lowest price models.
Cheapest cables click here;jsessionid=WUHUIPRMCZSOBCJO2C3CJ0Q?_dyncharset=UTF-8&q=&n=D18448&pn=1&pd=1&pi=1&cn=1&cd=1&x=9&y=9
but add pp.

  Wilham 12:59 19 Jan 04

Try click here and enter D18448 in the right-hand box.

  andrew-216448 13:52 19 Jan 04

the cheapest usb A-B cable 1.8m I could find is still at click here for a mere 0.58 pence.

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