update Adobe Reader

  Teaboy 16:41 14 Feb 05

For anyone interested an update 6.o.3 is available for Adobe Reader

  iscanut2 16:44 14 Feb 05

I have just upgraded to Adobe Reader version 7 from a latest magazine disc. It removed my previous version 6 and all seems to be OK.

  ade.h 19:08 14 Feb 05

For me, version 7.0 was problematic; it behaved like a beta, including failing to load most of its files/plugins every time. A re-install did nothing, so went back to 6.0 rather quickly.

  Mastermind 13:59 15 Feb 05

Why would they still be updating version 6 now that version 7 is out? I can understand that usually, but this is freeware.

  GaT7 15:00 15 Feb 05

Teaboy, is the update the Yahoo! Toolbar? That's what I get when I try to update. Does anyone know what it does? Is it like the Google toolbar for IE?

Mastermind, v7 is only for Win2000 SP2 & above. Those with Win95/98/ME can only use v6. G

  GaT7 15:01 15 Feb 05

OK, I just read the description!

"Yahoo! Toolbar lets you search from anywhere on the web. Customize and access your toolbar from any PC and enjoy one-click access to your favorite sites."

  originalmiscellany 15:41 15 Feb 05

I use Foxit PDF reader. Saves all the hassle of using Adobe programs and the program is really small. Give it a go, you probably won't turn back (i hope)

click here

  Master.mind 10:15 16 Feb 05

Thanks. That explains that.

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