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  Procrastinus 10:04 18 Jan 07

Is there any way of switching off those highlighted words(usually green)that appear in text and if a mouse so much as passes over them, direct you to some avertising message. They appear in both Mozilla Firefox and Opera pages. I don't know about IE as I never use it. They are very annoying!! Many thanks.

  Jackcoms 10:12 18 Jan 07

This would actually be better in the Helproom - but the answer to your question is No.

They are advertising - that's how this website earns its income.

And, yes, we get them in IE as well.

  Procrastinus 10:54 20 Jan 07

Many thanks, Jackcoms. You are quite right, I meant to publish on Helproom but got knickers in a twist!

  gudgulf 10:58 20 Jan 07

Adblock click here

then add Filterset G click here

  gudgulf 11:01 20 Jan 07

Should add that the above will remove most ads from the sites you visit.

I keep Firefox add free and use either my AOL browser or IE for any browsing where I want to see any advertising.

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:06 20 Jan 07

For Opera, turn off Java script in the "site preferences"

  rodriguez 12:12 20 Jan 07

I used Adblock to block them on mine. They can get annoying as if you accidentally hover over them you get a box pop up when you're trying to read something. A quick look through the PCA site's source code and I found that blocking intellitxt.com gets rid of the green text, googlesyndication.com gets rid of the Google ads and adtech.de (I think) stops those animated adverts at the top of the page that expand and play videos (the last one I saw was Intel I think). Anyway, as Jackcoms says these ads are here to fund the site so they're here to stay.

  Kate B 12:33 20 Jan 07

There's an extension for Firefox called IEtab which allows you to view a site in IE within the Firefox tab if you do need or want to see something that the very efficient adblock filters screen out.

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