Unlimited music downloads.

  dagnammit 23:16 20 Aug 09

I am considering giving my wife my current phone and buying a Nokia 5800 comes with music phone.

The price between the normal handset and the comes with music is £70.

So for £70 I can download all the music I want over a year and keep it at the end of the term. The (DRM) rules are I can use it on one PC and one Nokia device.

Is there any comparable service to this?

  interzone55 08:58 21 Aug 09

I'd take a look at the T&C - I'm not sure it's as unlimited as the name suggests...

  dagnammit 10:17 21 Aug 09

There's a fair use policy, I'll still get a lot more than £70 worth of music in a year.

  Si_L 16:31 21 Aug 09

If you think about it, £70 equates to around a dozen or so CD albums, and probably not even that.

One of my friends has downloaded thousands of tracks from CwM within her first few months and she hasn't had any such threat of having her service cut off.

I think in the T's and C's it says that they send you a letter if they think you are abusing the service (which is supposedly unlimited!) and warn you that they will cut you off if your habits continue. I have no idea how much downloading you would have to do to warrant one of these though.

You might be able to find a pay monthly unlimited service which won't have DRM built in.

  dagnammit 17:09 21 Aug 09

Hi, you're right regarding the worth of £70.

I had to explain to the wife why I want another 5800. LOL. I should have bought the CWM version. :|

We've got a trip coming up & a few bithdays so the boss says I have to wait to OCT/NOV before I can get one.

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