Unexpected cancellation fee .

  magnus35 15:37 05 May 07

I have been informed by my ISP that there has been a change to their Terms and Conditions .

It seems that BT are charging a fee for the work involved in closing a connection and the ISP has announced that a charge of £40.00 will be payable on termination of a contract where no MAC code is requested and used to move to another provider .

There can be many reasons why a subscriber may wish to terminate connection to the Internet .

I agreed to pay for the service requested for a minimum of 12 months . How can they alter the agreement so that it will now cost money to end it other than as previously agreed ?

It's tough luck if the company have now been hit with additional charges by BT but surely they can only get away with passing such a levy to new business and not cause existing customers to feel 'trapped' by such a hefty penalty ?

Or have I read it wrong ?

  The Brigadier 15:47 05 May 07

Who is your ISP?

  spuds 18:41 05 May 07

Like all contracts, it always pays to read the legal small print (if you can make heads or tails of it). There is a law covering Unfair Contracts, and if you suspect that your present contract is committing you to something that you regard is unfair and unjust, then contact Ofcom for further advice.

Having said that, Tiscali have just changed some of their terms and conditions recently. If I have read their website release right, then the new terms will not affect people with older contracts between certain specified dates, so it pays to check your particular contract.

  magnus35 21:17 05 May 07

Thanks for the responses .

Tiscali's website , which I don't normally pay too much attention to , does , if you click on the appropriate link and read , read , read , reveal that older contracts are not affected by the new rules , however , I was notified by email that new T's & C's would come into effect from 1st June and a link was provided in order that these might be examined . Nowhere was there any indication that they did not apply to everybody . I am somewhat relieved but feel that the email message should have provided at least one more line of information .

  spuds 22:22 05 May 07

If you click here then navigate through the various links, it will reveal all, in various stages.

Regarding charging for a MAC code, this as caused some confusion as to the guidelines Ofcom have issued. There should be no charges.

Reference to termination of the contract, then you may well find 'let-out' clauses to particular needs. Tiscali have always had a 12 month contract, some ISP's are now introducing 18/24 month contracts to new subscribers. As previously mentioned, only by reading the contract (which most people do not), will you know what in store!.

  anchor 12:43 09 May 07

I posted an item about this recently:

click here

It down to BT, not your ISP.

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