Is this the ultimate PC monitor?

  TOPCAT® 17:12 28 Jan 03

If you have a spare $20,594.95 sitting around doing nothing, maybe you should buy the hemsipherical monitor Hammacher is selling.

For the man who has everything maybe? Don't sit too close now! :) TC.

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  Sir Radfordin™ 17:25 28 Jan 03

But where do you put all your passwords on post-it notes ;-)

  Elrond 17:45 28 Jan 03

Oh my god! What about "The monitor – really a projection system, has a projection screen which the firm claims blurs the lines between the real and simulated world." That would mess with my head. What is the Matrix and all that. Lawnmower man

  TOPCAT® 18:16 28 Jan 03

It probably doubles as a satellite receiver when not in normal use! :)

It also reminds me of that Victorian era time machine in the film with Rod Taylor. It's certainly futuristic! :) TC.

  BRYNIT 18:28 28 Jan 03

I new I'd seen it somewhere b4

  carver 18:57 28 Jan 03

and when not in use the kids can use it as a football net,OR how about a family size wok,OR it's realy in case of flooding and it can be used as an escape raft,OR you can look at it and think?is that dead pixel REALY in the centre.

  TOPCAT® 19:23 28 Jan 03

I like this bit: 'Please add $650.00 to regular shipping & handling for white glove delivery' !

Power consumption = 180watts !! Does toast too. :) TC.

More info click here

  carver 19:47 28 Jan 03

Easy to set up and use at home,if I set that thing up in my house, I would never see the wife or kids again,last time I saw anything as big as that it was on Star Trek as a control screen and the Klingon's had just come into view.

  TOPCAT® 10:55 29 Jan 03

Have a look at this beauty from Sky-Scan. Click around and drool! TC.

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