TV through monitor

  dave84 13:05 22 Sep 06

my mum wants to buy a flat screen tv, but before i let her do that, i was wondering:-
is it at all possible to be able to play tv (including sky & DVD player) through her existing monitor (came with emachines comp bought 3 years ago - has D-Sub input at back thats all). i would like to be able to do this without having to use the pc as a middle man, i.e just turn the mointor on. is this at all possible...?
cheers for any help

  DieSse 15:08 22 Sep 06

See the last item on the page click here

  DieSse 15:27 22 Sep 06

Or you may be able to use a Freeview box with this adapter click here

but you would need to change the cables over.

  Stuartli 16:01 22 Sep 06

dave84 does state that "I would like to be able to do this without having to use the PC as a middle man".

In any case, in view of the price of the TV620PIP, a straightforward Freeview PCI TV card or USB alternative would do the same job at a fraction of the price.

The second item you mention is only for LCD and plasma sets and a three-year-old e-machine system would be/is unlikely to have had a TFT screen.

  DieSse 16:46 22 Sep 06

Quote from the first link:-

The computer doesn't need to be switched on to use the TV-620PIP - in fact this box can be used to turn any stand alone monitor into a TV

The second link doesn't actually exclude CRT monitors


Q) does this cable connect to vga computer monitors?
A)Provided the monitor supports a horizontal scan rate of 15.625KHz

Yes it's correct that this is more likely on a TFT screen, but that's not the limiting factor - it's the horizontal scan rate.

  DieSse 17:18 22 Sep 06

Another approach is to replce the monitor with a combined Monitor/TV.

This will act as the TV and improve the computer. Example :- click here

  dave84 18:06 22 Sep 06

thanks for all the info. not entirely sure of mum's budget for a new tv, though some the ideas here do sound interesting. The pc does have a tft monitor, only 15" so it might be a case of gettin something bigger. thanks again.

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