T.V to PC... ?

  vs6gyrob 15:24 07 Dec 09

Hope I'm in the right forum.. Just a brief query, Been looking, more out of curiousity, into a couple of 'sites' where if you download your name; e-mail details , they in turn will pass on (soft - ware ?) so that you may watch sport ;movies,etc, Tv progs .. ! Perhaps I am being naive, but somehow it does'nt ring true . Anyone tried this ??

  GaT7 15:56 07 Dec 09

I've no idea what you're talking about, but the best way to get TV on your PC is to buy an internal/external TV tuner & connect it to your outdoor aerial. (Note that if you do not already have a TV licence, you will require one click here).

I have a Hauppauge (click here) internal PCI twin digital tuner card that works great. G

  vs6gyrob 16:06 07 Dec 09

Crossbow .. Still wondering if I am in the right forum ?? Take a look at click here !!

  GaT7 16:50 07 Dec 09

That is illegal if you ask me - not my cup of tea. G

  Woolwell 17:25 07 Dec 09

No address and you send your e-mail. Sounds like a scam.

  vs6gyrob 21:43 07 Dec 09

Hi Woolwell, at last , someone 'on the ball'.!! That is precisely why I posed the question in the first place.. Come to think of it ,I must be 'naive' I really thought 'most people' were aware of these 'products' . However, I agree,and as I thought , 'It smells a bit off' but I had to ask opinions : Thanks anyway,' idle curiosity satisfied '

  DieSse 23:51 07 Dec 09

They're simply misleading you. Yes there are lots of TV channels you can get over the net perfectly freely and lgally. If you think you'll get loads of premium services though - think again.

Look at click here for example - no sign ups or downloads (except regular flash player which you probably already have).

Lots more similar if you google for tv over internet.

  vs6gyrob 12:25 08 Dec 09

Hello,DieSse, thanks for your input.As stated earlier,'things simply did not ring true' hence my query ,wondering if anyone had actually taken up these 'offers'. As for Crossbow7,* not 'not knowing what I was talking about' .. Well, no further comment(or lectures) necessary.. On E-Bay for instance , there appears to be a number of 'adverts' 'flogging 'the same stuff, and what is more , quite a bit of feedback from 'satisfied customers'..?? However as I said , it was just a query' out of curiosity'... Believe it or not, I am also reasonably 'well versed' on P.C. Tuner cards. T.V.Licenses (use of) etc. Thanks agin for your comments . Case Closed ..!! Happy Christmas

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