TV Aerials

  chrisfrahm 20:06 17 Nov 10

next door have installed a huge aerial on the boundary wall at guttering height and the positioning of the aerial is that the mast is on their property (which is housing association but the receiver(the rest of it) is now over our property, guttering and roof. Is this right?

  birdface 20:31 17 Nov 10

Not clued up on aerial's but if it was a tree you would be allowed to remove any overhanging branches.

  birdface 20:45 17 Nov 10

There is this from elsewhere.

Nothing must overhang the boundary or it is trespass.
Whether it would be the same for an aerial i am not sure.
That was the answer to some one that was putting a capping stone on top of a wall and it was overhanging by either 10CM or 10MM.

  PalaeoBill 20:57 17 Nov 10

Why not drop them a note suggesting a rental fee! Couple of bottles of a decent red.

  BRYNIT 21:23 17 Nov 10

A boundary wall can mean anything. Is this a wall that goes around the property ground if so who's boundary wall is it if it’s yours they are not allowed to fasten anything onto it without your permission.

If the wall is the outside of your property but faces there garden they are not allowed to fasten anything onto this wall without your permission as you would be responsible for any repairs to the wall.

When I installed Sky digital I had to ask the permission of a neighbour if the dish was to overhang their property.

  birdface 21:29 17 Nov 10

I suppose you could always ask the housing association to have it removed.
I get the impression that speaking to the neighbours is not an option.

  spuds 00:18 18 Nov 10

Contact the housing association. There might be a clause in your neighbours tenancy agreement, which could be to your favour!.

  morddwyd 05:31 18 Nov 10

Or theirs!

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