trying to find a intel D641 2.2GHz CPU

  Killo Bite 22:27 31 Jan 07

which is sold them Packard Bells Intel Pentium 2.2GHz D 641 tried Ebuyer, & any pointers to one of these or have PC world advertised this machine listing the Intel CPU incorrectly or maybe its old and discontinued ?

  Stuartli 12:31 01 Feb 07

ARe you sure it's a 2.2 and not a 3.2GHz?

  Killo Bite 23:46 01 Feb 07

Yes it is a 2.2GHz its the Packard Bell Model 2479 at £499.00 here click here

Also wonder if this is Intergrated Graphics or a Dedicated Card?

  Totally-braindead 00:33 02 Feb 07

It mentions on the website that it is shared click here which means onboard and theres no mention that I can see of either an AGP or a PCIE slot so I think you're stuck with it.
Not a problem unless you want to play games.
I also couldn't find the CPU anywhere so I think it probably is discontinued. But if you look on the Intel site it should be listed there.

  Stuartli 01:02 02 Feb 07

The reason I asked was because I could only find a 3.2GHz for sale.

  Killo Bite 01:13 02 Feb 07

which has a out of date CPU! doesn't sound like a good offer from em. I am justshopping around and seeing what spec's there is for a Vista machine. Onboard graphics with Vista Premium, would Aero really work ?

Anyway, will look at Intel site for this processor and report back.

  Killo Bite 00:18 03 Feb 07

and can confirm the 2.2
GHz D 641 does not exhist as a 2.2GHz but a 3.2GHz PC World have a Typo error maybe on their site for this spec system.

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