Truth or Lie - how can I tell?

  1Silversurfer 20 Jan 13

Purchased CANON INK from JUSTINKANDPAPER - they arrived with without the Canon box and without the first layer of sealed clear plastic wrap. they do have the grey shrink wrap arond them and it does say Canon where it give the ink's colour details below the orange coloured 'pull' to open tab. i PHONED AND ASKED THEM IF THEY WERE ORIGINAL CANON INKS AND THEY ASSURED ME THAT THEY WERE? but .... I don't want to ruin my printer ARE THEY TELLING THE TRUTH OR .... is there any other way to confirm that they are indeed genuine?

  Forum Editor 20 Jan 13

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  Forum Editor 20 Jan 13

These cartridges are advertised as Canon originals. The fact that they may not be packaged in the same way as those you buy from a retailer is not necessarily a cause for concern. The supplier buys in bulk from Canon, and wholesale supplies are often packed differently.

  spuds 21 Jan 13

If you are still unsure, then I would suggest that you check with Canon. Having a printer manufacturer's name on the package doesn't always indicate that they came from that particular manufacturer, but could be a product compatible marking.

Personally, I own a number of various printer's including Canon (plus Canon photocopier). And in all these devices I use compatibles, CISS or refills, and have never experienced any problems, except once, and that was a leakage problem. I use these on cheap photocopier type paper as well as photographic paper.

  Pine Man 21 Jan 13

I have bought Canon cartridges from Amazon without any packaging apart from the plastic wrap and was satisfied that they were as advertised.

If you have the bad luck to have fakes don't worry you won't ruin your printer and if they are 'good' fakes you'll probably never know!

  1Silversurfer 22 Jan 13

many Thanx to Forum Editor, Spud and Pine Man. This was my very 1st post and I'm suprised and delighted with such rapid and helpful responces. Thank you all muchly!


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