Transfering Windows XP to new PC

  BJN 22:15 02 Dec 07

I'm about to order a new PC for my son from Novatech. The old PC he owns we are scrapping as its over 8 years old. Is there any reason why I can't use the existing copy of Windows XP on the new machine.
I own the original discs and licence and Novatech allow you to purchase a Pc without a operating system. I don't want to have to buy a new operating system if I already own on which will no longer be used on the old PC which is been scrapped.


  ventanas 22:25 02 Dec 07

How did you acquire the copy of XP, was it supplied with the old machine, or purchased separately retail?

Don't forget, you do not own the software. What you have purchased is a licence to use the same, as long as you remain within the terms of that licence. So how you acquired it is very important.

  pk46 22:27 02 Dec 07

If your WXP is a full version no reason what so ever but you will require your Novertech MOBO DRIVER disk.
If your WXP is an upgrade version no you will not be able to install it on your Novertech.
Don't try to install W98 or ME as you won't have the drivers.

  ventanas 22:32 02 Dec 07

What on earth do you mean, of course an upgrade version can be installed. The XP installation will ask for qualifying media at an early stage. Provided a Win98 disc is available its just a matter of inserting it briefly, and then replacing the XP CD in the drive. There is no need to load the earlier Windows version, and certainly no need for drivers for it. But, as you say, drivers for the new machine will be needed after install.

All this presumes that the XP cd is not OEM.

  BJN 22:35 02 Dec 07

The copy of windows XP is a full copy and was purchased separately as the PC originality came with windows 98 .

I'll check with Novatech about mobo drivers but in the past they have always supplied all driver discs with a new PC. Good advice pk46 as they may have changed their policy.


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