Train Simulator games which is the best one?

  Autoschediastic 30 Nov 11

Hi guys my son is 8 years old and wants a train simulator game for Christmas ive noticed most of the train simulator games are 4/5+ years old so there not exactly fantastic graphically? does anyone know of a more recent upto date one please? ive been online looking but got lost with them all?

Thanks A

  Snec 30 Nov 11

Go to Amazon and search for "Trainz 2009".

Much can be done with Trainz, modelling-wise, but it can also be used as a simple Trains Sim as many ready-built tracks come with the program as standard. You can't go wrong with this.

  CurlyWhirly 30 Nov 11
  Nontek 30 Nov 11

Totally agree with the other two - Trainz is brilliant.

  Autoschediastic 30 Nov 11

Thank you guys! that was really usefull i think il DL a copy off the site the reviews are fantastic plus its got lots of add on maps,

Thanks once again..


  Forum Editor 30 Nov 11

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  dikul 01 Dec 11

A bit late I know, but if yu have a powerful enough PC, Railworks: Train Simulator 2012 is very good graphics-wise.

  Proclaimer 02 Dec 11

I own Railworks/TS2012 and it is the best Train Simulator out there the graphics are second to none, routes are excellent and it has just been updated, for free. So if you buy from here it will be updated to the brand new TS2012 for FREE.

There are many sites for free content too however, 'payware' can be very attractive and can seem expensive if you do not wait for a 'sale' The game must be run from the Steam Client so a free account must be made and the game launched from there.

It is a very worthwhile investment and more like having a Train Set in your house with the exception that you have real world routes 140 miles long.


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